Bay Area Local Currency

want to become a true localist? Use the Bay Area Local Currency

Bay Bucks can be spent at many local Bay Area businesses – you can buy just about anything, from food to medical services! When you spend Bay Bucks instead of cash:

You are supporting your local businesses

You are ensuring that 100% of the money you spend will stay in the local community

You are using a currency that does not exploit people or the planet

You are participating in a larger movement to help build a new, equitable economic paradigm

Join us in supporting our local businesses while building a thriving local community. Tell your friends about Bay Bucks!

How can i get bay bucks?

Currently, Bay Bucks are only available to individuals that are employees of businesses that have joined the Trade Exchange. Participating businesses can pay employee bonuses or incentive programs in Bay Bucks, or give them to employees as rewards or gifts. If you are a participating business and are interested in doing this, please give us a call to find out more!

Coming Soon!

Soon, Bay Area residents will be able to use Bay Bucks! You will be able to earn them through donations or service to local community organizations, or by offering your own goods or services. Follow us on Facebook or check this site to find out when you can start using Bay Bucks. Bay Bucks is not just a San Francisco local currency, but can be used throughout the Bay Area in nine counties!