Dr. Chong Kee Tan, CO-founder

Chong Kee Tan has been an activist for 20 years, working in the area of Asian democracy, press freedom, censorship, and — after coming to the United States — in the area of equal rights and sustainability. After the 2008 financial crisis, he began studying our financial and monetary systems, and quickly came to realize that these systems are the root causes of the most pressing problems facing the world today. He started Bay Bucks as a TransitionSF project in hopes of reversing the rising trends of inequality and making the SF Bay Area more resilient. Chong Kee received his BA (Hons) in Computer Science from Cambridge University and his PhD in Chinese Literature from Stanford University.

Chong Kee can be reached at: [email protected]

Kendra Shanley, Co-founder

Kendra Shanley has a background in Biology and International Health Sciences. After completing her Master of Science in Parasitology in London, she moved to the Bay Area and worked in STD & HIV prevention and Public Health research for several years. During this time, she became increasingly concerned for the future of our communities in the face of environmental degradation and a faltering economy. Transition SF led her to attend a December 2011 workshop with author Charles Eisenstein (Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Community in an Age of Transition), which inspired her to quit working in Public Health in order to begin researching local and complementary currencies. She discovered that many of the needs of the community, including access to health services, could be most readily and sustainably addressed through a flourishing local currency. After meeting Chong Kee earlier this year, she found a dedicated partner with whom to start Bay Bucks.

Kendra can be reached at: [email protected]

Photography by Justin Benttinen

Co-founder Chong Kee talks about why he started Bay Bucks and how local currencies help build local economic resilience.