What is a business trade exchange?

What if you could use the unfilled tables at your restaurant to pay for an accountant? Or the unsold items in your store to pay for a new website? Or your unfilled appointment hours to get your office remodeled? Using Bay Bucks makes this all possible.

Bay Bucks operates a Trade Exchange, also known as a Commercial Barter System or sometimes a Business-to-Business Barter Club.

Most businesses have some unused inventory or excess capacity, like a dentist with unfilled appointments, or a graphic designer with fewer clients than desired, or a soap-maker with unsold product.

The Trade Exchange is a place where businesses can deposit their own extra goods and services into the Exchange and withdraw the services or goods of any other participating businesses from the Exchange. Instead of using cash, all transactions on the Exchange are done in Bay Bucks, a digital currency. You earn Bay Bucks every time a business purchases your goods or services on the Exchange, and you can spend the Bay Bucks you earn when you want to purchase anything in the Bay Bucks marketplace. Bay Bucks are equivalent to the US dollar, so you earn the same amount of Bay Bucks you would earn if you were selling your goods and services for cash at full retail price.

You do not need to find a business to trade with directly, you just need to have a product or service to offer the Exchange. Bay Bucks’ staff will find businesses that need what you are offering, and you will earn Bay Bucks that you can then spend at any participating business, not just the one that purchased from you.

How can i participate in the trade exchange?

If you are a local Bay Area Business or a Bay Area 501(c)3, you can join here:

Join now

For local Bay Area business, visit our For Businesses page to find out how the Trade Exchange can help you increase profits, improve cash flow, and acquire new customers. You can also request for a free consultation.

For Bay Area 501(c)3 non-profit organization, you can partner with Bay Bucks to receive tax-deductible donations from participating businesses, just click on the “Join now” button.

If you are a Bay Area resident who wants to support local business and help create the New Economy 2.0 — one that is equitable, sustainable, and works for everyone — visit our For Community Members page to find out how you can earn and spend Bay Bucks.